Why underlying form?

Cezanne felt that all things in nature have an underlying form and sought to go beneath the surface of fleeting impressions.

For brands and organisations to be truly successful, they too must go beyond surface impressions, beyond logo’s and corporate identity to the essence of what they are, what they stand for, and what they will do for customers.

Without effective marketing there are no customers – and without customers there is no business.

Underlying Form is all about going beneath the surface to develop insights and create strong brands, effective marketing strategies and successful marketing plans.

Business success comes from a simple formula: credibility+visibility=profitability

Credibility means having a strong brand with an attractive proposition to the right markets

Visibility comes from an effective marketing and communications strategy to reach target audiences

I can help make your business more effective through smarter marketing, powerful branding and effective organisation and planning.

I develop close relationships with my clients, taking time to understand their objectives and underlying business issues.


Creative, strategic marketing that works



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