How do you switch off

I was on a train doing my usual commute at 7.15am this morning and I suddenly noticed that, apart from a couple of people reading newspapers, almost everybody in the carriage was on a laptop, mobile or tablet.

It was obvious they were getting in some work time on emails or documents or checking out blogs and tweets related to their job.

Very commendable, you might think, but these weren’t all high-fliers trying to hustle there way to the top, these were ordinary men and women giving up their travel time to work.

It seems that technology has completely transformed our attitiude to work – that’s it’s ok to be on-line and available practically from when you get up until when you go to bed, even though you are remunerated for far less time than that.

Technology has proved a blessing for organisations which are now happily relying on the conscientious worker to put in the hours outside core time.

Maybe that’s cool and we all enjoy our work so much we can’t wait to get into it.

But we need to think more about how that is handled both from a remuneration and flexible hours point of view.

And we still need time to sit and think and enjoy the world around us as it passes by the train window….


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