The Labyrinth

labyrinth72Recently, I came across some archaeological research on Crete which is attempting to find the famous Labyrinth inhabited by the Minotaur which was killed by Theseus who used a thread to help him find his way out.

Labyrinths have been featured in stone, manuscript, turf and sculpture for thousands of years in diverse cultures from the Americas to Australia, Northern Europe and India.

In Medieval times, the labyrinth re-emerged on church walls and floors , the most famous of which was created in Chartres Cathedral with descriptions of priest performing a ritual Easter dance along its path on Easter Sunday

What is the enduring fascination of this ancient image?

A common element is of the individual trapped in the Labyrinth, facing unknown dangers and challenges as he strives to reach the centre.But what is the goal? What will they find there and how will they find their way out?

I think the labyrinth can be seen as a metaphor.

In a sense, we are all in our individual labyrinths from when we are born to when we die. Some of the paths are pre-ordained, some are of our own choosing depending on which way we turn, and all contain challenges along the way.

And what will we find at the centre of this labyrinth? What goal are we seeking in our quest?

As we go into 2014, now is a good time to reflect on our lives, our careers and our spiritual journey and determine where we are in the labyrinth, what challenges remain to be overcome, and what thread will guide us as we go.

Happy New Year!

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