Recommendations from clients

Recent projects undertaken include:

  • Setting up a marketing structure for Liverpool John Moores University
  • Launching a new School of Art brand for Wolverhampton University
  • Developing a new navigation and brand framework for Nottingham Trent University web site
  • Developing a brand for a new faculty at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Interim management of marketing, communications, recruitment and admissions teams at three Universities

“I recruited Ivor to bring much leadership and stability to our marketing and communications team, and to ensure it properly supported the varied marketing needs of our University. Ivor did precisely that, and I’m grateful for the excellent work he did during his time with us.”

Steve Denton COO and Registrar – Nottingham Trent University

“They say in marketing ‘speak’ that 50% of all marketing spend is wasted, the problem is not knowing which 50%!  Ivor is one of the few marketing senior people who has a pretty good idea of where the ‘wasted 50%’ sits!
Marketing at a major global University can be compared to the professional services sector as both deal with an intangible against some great competitive offerings.  Ivor came into Manchester Business School with a defined brief and was able to deliver more than the client expected.  Ivor understands not just marketing in isolation but how busiess, commerce and marketing all need to work in collaboration to be truly effective.  Thank you Ivor for your insights, challenge to my thinking and adding not just value but a real passion for wanting to improve the MBS message and audience through marketing.”

Dil Sidhu, Chief External Officer  – Manchester Business School

“I worked with Ivor on a number of projects at Sheffield Hallam University. The contributions that Ivor made were always well considered, measured and fitting to the challenges that needed to be overcome. As a senior leader, Ivor would equip himself with the right information to deliver the best corporate route forward, rather than simply focusing on the views presented by the services he was directly responsible for.”

Nick de Courcy

“Ivor is an insightful, strategic thinker with a wealth of expertise in marketing and branding.  He is approachable and personable and was a pleasure to work with.”

Matt Corbishley, Head of HR and Workforce Development at Ashgate Hospice

“Ivor was a great manager who taught me a lot about the job, both about communicating to markets and communicating with clients. I enjoyed working with him.”

Helen Hunter, advertising and marketing professional

“I can recommend Ivor as a source of good quality advice around marketing and communication- be that at an operational or strategic level.  He has a wide experience base- and his approach to establishing a good relationship with me as an internal customer helped to ensure I got better support from his staff resources.”

Les Wright, Assistant Director of Human Resources: Workplace Wellbeing. University of Birmingham

“Ivor is an excellent marketer and successfully managed a range of large teams within the University such as print, web, internal communications, media and events.  Ivor had very good creative skills with the advantage of having both client and agency experience so designs were both impactful and effective.
I learnt a lot from Ivor in relation to branding as he understands both the theory and practical side with a management style that is open, motivating, inviting to questions and engaging.  It was a pleasure to work for Ivor and I would highly recommend him in a similar role.”

Lisa Fisher, Business Consultant – Enterprise in Yorkshire

 “Ivor is one of the most experienced marketing executives in higher education today with particular expertise in brand development. He did a great job in Liverpool of overseeing the re-establishment of a Marketing division — incorporating marketing services, recruitment & admissions, and international relations. His leadership brought people together and established new ways of working. “
 Edward Harcourt, Pro-vice-Chancellor (external engagement) Liverpool John Moores University

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